Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser

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 60-volt, 12, 20 or 320-amp battery that charges fully in 6 to 8 hours using any standard outlet.

The 2000-watt electric hub motor powers you along at up to 30 MPH, with your ride easily controlled. A pair of hydraulic disc brakes

controlled by hand levers can slow or stop you at any time.

The battery also makes sure the headlight shines brightly and that the alarm system is ready to make plenty of noise if need be. 

Everything Electic


From bicycles and scooters, to motorcycles that fit all riding experience, boom!Moto has everything you need to ride electric. 


I was totally shocked by how much fun these motorcycles were.  Total Blast!


I was skepital at first.  I have been a motorcyclist for years and I thought there was no way these could compete. I was wrong.


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