Safety Disclaimer

Important Note: Unauthorized Chargers Warning

Please be advised that using unauthorized chargers for any of our electric bike products is strictly prohibited and may result in damage to the product, potential safety hazards, and voiding of the warranty.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Only use the provided charger or a charger specifically recommended by Boom! Moto for charging your electric bike.

  2. Never attempt to charge your electric bike using a charger from a different brand or an unauthorized source.

  3. Always follow the charging instructions outlined in the product manual to ensure safe and efficient charging.

  4. In case of any concerns or questions regarding charging, please contact Customer Support/Service for guidance.

Consequences of Unauthorized Charger Usage:

Using unauthorized chargers may damage the battery, control systems, or other components of your electric bike. This damage may not be covered under the product warranty, and any associated repair or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the user.

Safety Disclaimer:

Boom! Moto is committed to ensuring your safety and the proper functioning of our products. Using authorized chargers is crucial to maintain the integrity and performance of your electric bike while ensuring your safety during use.